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What people are saying:

I loved her lots! She is super friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I really appreciated the fact that she listened to me and worked on the areas that I asked for. She also gave me great tips on how to take better care of my injuries. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. 🙂

Guadalupe D.

Very calming. I went for the massage after a race. I had trouble walking and was very sore. The next day I felt great. I will be adding massages to my training moving forward.

Geo V.

Massage therapist was warm and professional. She made me feel at ease. The atmosphere was very relaxing, and the massage was wonderful. I feel great!

Kerry B.

Great experience, Shirley is very knowledgeable. I will be recommending her to family and friends and I look forward to setting up another appointment –

Mary C.

The calming atmosphere and the level professionalism were fantastic. Also, Shirley understands the body and has the magic touch.

Amanda K.

Shirley has been great! She's very knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. As a beginner triathlete, I don't always know what the root cause of my tightness or pain is or how best to address it. Shirley has been there and understands how to apply massage to get me ready for my next race! I will definitely be going back.

Randy C.

Such a great experience! As a first timer, was definitely not disappointed. So relaxing and Shirley is so knowledgeable! Would recommend to anyone who needs a little R&R.

Courtney P.

Shirley immediately put you at ease. She was welcoming and professional. The atmosphere was comfortable and relaxing. Great massage!

Betsy G.

Shirley was great! I received an expert personalized massage that relieved a tremendous amount of muscle discomfort! So professional, so friendly and most of all so knowledgeable! I'm extremely happy with the services at SportsZenergy!

Eric H.

Shirley is extremely talented. This was simply the best massage I have ever had and I would recommend her to anyone, especially athletes.

Lee Ann M.

Shirley explained what she was going to do before proceeding, and then showed me which muscles she had worked on (using an iPad app) at the conclusion of our session.


It was an excellent massage, and the atmosphere is peaceful and lovely. I especially enjoyed the piano music - a change of pace from the usual new age stuff.

Nancy S.

Shirley was awesome -warm, welcoming with a lovely comfortable cozy workspace, very personable and easy to talk to- I went in hoping to get help with a very bad back injury that has sidelined me for over 90 days - after one appointment I got a lot of relief!

Linda M.

Shirley attentively listened to my concerns and to where I was experiencing pain before even beginning treatment. During the massage she provided relief to pain that I have had for months - I would recommend Shirley to anyone!

Emily W.


Shirley was very nice and professional, great massage, definitely will be returning!



Best Massage I've had in a long time 🙂



Her professionalism and knowledge went way above what I could have expected. The whole overall experience was amazing. Her Web page made it simple to make an appointment, her availability was perfect, and her empathy and understanding went way above what I could have expected. I felt like we were a team trying help restore mobility by tackling my tight muscles. I highly recommend and we be going back!