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As part of your therapy at SportsZenergy, a unique experience is created just for you that address your specific needs and health concerns.

It would be very helpful if prior to your visit you could complete the confidential patient intake form. The information provided is an overview of your medical history including injuries, medications and existing medical conditions.

If this is your first time with SportsZenergy and are unable to complete the forms before your visit, no worries. You can download a copy from the link below or plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time and I will have one printed for you. The extra time allows you an opportunity to complete the paperwork and to also have a private one on one assessment before the session begins.

During this conversation, you will have a chance to discuss what you want to focus on. That time is important as it allows us to work together to discuss how to restore your strength and mobility, reduce or eliminate your symptoms, and invigorate your sense of self.