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Many clients who will book a massage with SportsZenergy are looking for a Sports Massage. During the intake process, I’m always curious as to why did they choose SportsZenergy. What I normally hear as the answer is ‘Someone told me to get a sports massage or I think I need a sports massage’.

What’s interesting is that sports massage is not a modality like a Swedish Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy,  Thai Massage, or 57 other types of massage! So why sports massage. Is it the name? Do they think it will be better than a deep tissue massage?

First let’s talk about the benefits of massage . According to AMTA, there are newer studies that show that massage does help remove excess fluid from exercised muscles and helps bring in substances to help with tissue repair. Studies suggest that compression strokes are the most effective on fluid levels. These techniques help to reduce inflammation, which can then help for repairs in the muscle fibers to begin much sooner. Massage helps to increase range of motion, promote healing. Massage therapy may affect inflammation in a way similar to anti-inflammatory medication does.

Regarding sports massage, it is a huge understanding and want from the client that the therapist understands their perspective in regards to their goal. That the therapist ‘get’s it’. The client has a goal and usually during training they now have noticed pain in their knee, or hip, or foot and they are hoping with massage, ‘Sports Massage’, it will get them back out on the road and training again.

Others may incorporate sports massage into their training plans to keep them injury free, often refeerred to a maintenance massage seen on a monthly basis.

And other times that you will see sports massage will be at a sporting event. Boston Marathon is a great example. After the race they have complimentary massage for all the athletes that usually consists of light gentle stretching and compression to help with reducing inflammation.

At the office the majority of clients who book a sports massage are an athlete of some kind. Either a weekend warrior, long distance runner, endurance athlete, or some type of sports. Crossfit, basketball, baseball, golf, karate, just to name a few.

But let me let you in on a secret. You don’t have to be an athlete to get a sports massage. Sports massage is truly a timing type of massage that addresses injuries caused by repetitive use. A repetitive use injury whether it is chronic or acute. Snow shoveling, sitting at a desk ALL day, doing dishes, construction workers, truck drivers, dentists, … the bottom line… everyone can benefit from massage.

At Sports Zenergy, each massage is tailored specifically to the needs of the client. If they want a relaxing Swedish massage, sure, no problem. If they have an ache or pain, an injury, then a treatment will be designed to treat the troubled area! Increase Range of Motion, Decrease Pain. It’s really that simple.

Sports Massage has always been hard to define as it is not a modality but is used in many situations all over. Sport events, spa’s, massage offices, chiropractor… It’s all massage. No matter how you spend it, it is all massage.

Have you booked your ‘Sports Massage’ today?



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